Dear cat lovers, we value our cats and look of them as a beloved members of the family, therefore, we choose future owners wisely.

If you are interested for a kitten from Sibnib cattery, please introduce yourself, write more about yourself, where do you live, do you wish to buy a kitten for pet or for breeding, are you a registrated cat breeder, do you have any more pets in your home...

Reservation of a kitten is necessary and non refundable, you will be leaving us the deposit for kitten, and we will keep that kitten for you.

The kittens are ready for new homes when they reach the age of 12-16 weeks. We guarantees that all kittens are healthy till the moment they leave our cattery. After the kitten leave us, the new owner is responsible for care and wellbeing of the kitten.


All our kittens will have: 

* A sales contract                                                     * Passport
* WCF pedigree with four generations                   * Microchip
* Two vaccines                                                          * Wormed

We sell our kittens:

* As pets- where they will be loved, cherished and spoiled family members. In that case, the kitten will leave our cattery spayed, or with a contract of neutering.

* For breeding- for enthusiasts and professionals who wants to engage in this hobby.



Kitten status:
Reserved- a deposit is payed, and kitten is reserved
Availabe- kitten is available for reservation
In new home- kitten is in a new home