History of breed

British Shorthair is one of Britain's first pedigree cats- at least a hundred years old- and one of the most popular breeds in the United Kingdom. These cats are said to be link back to Britain's ancient street cats, whose ancestors arrived with the Romans between the first and the fourth century, and then bred with wild native cats. Later, they were bred with Persian cats to improve the coat thickness. The breed standard was drawn up in 1871 and the development of a shorthair pedigree cat began. This breed has changed very little over years and its popularity continues to grow.

British Shorthair cat breed look

British shorthair have a chunky shape- they are cobby and well muscled, with broad chest, strong shoulders and straight back. They have short, strong legs and a tail that is rounded at the tip. The head is large and round on a short, thick neck, while ears are small with rounded tips, and set well apart. Eyes are large, round and also well apart, in Black siver shaded cats look like they are white, but they are black cats with silver shine, that makes their fur look white, with black on top of the hair, paw pads are black and eyes are green. Always in the middle of attention, because of their aristocratic color, the fur of this cat reminds us of a polar fox.


Characteristics and personality

It's easy to see why the British Shorthair comes out as top cat of the year. If you don't fall for their cuddly teddy bear looks, extremely affectionate and home loving nature is sure to do it! They are easygoing, but noticeably dignified breed, not as active and playfull as many, but sweet natured and devoted to their owners. Give a British Shorthair a home and you'll get a calm cat who enjoys human company. They require minimal grooming and take well to being keps as indoor only cats. Laid back, easygoing and adaptable, that's the British Shorthair cat!